My pen name is drei. (yes, with lowercase and the dot ^^). I love reading and writing, and my favorite genre is mystery, fantasy, high school life (haha very specific there…) and (to a muuuuch lesser degree) drama. I enjoy reading romance for fun, but I don’t find it in myself the knack to write romance ^^’a. I’m more inclined to write platonic love and friendship. I have a fetish major preference to bishie and comically tsundere guys and have liked some stories just because the main character is a tsundere bishie #forgiveme #burymyselfinahole

I’m an equatorian and live mostly in daylight (even though my creative muse sings in the wee hours of the night, which is one factor in my inability to make regular updates on my stories actuallyIjustprocrastinate).

I post my original works in wattpad. I also put some ‘useful’ (this adjective is rather subjective) posts in my Medium.

Fell free to read and comment. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated.


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